iPhone Friendly Site http://www.meteokav.gr/images/tn_wiphone2.jpg

Check Kavala's current weather conditions live on your iPhone! Simply open your Safari browser and put the following url:


If you want to use it as a native iPhone application follow the instructions:

1) Surf with Safari to the previous url

2) Tap the "+" sign in the bottom toolbar of Safari

3) Choose the second option (Put on Home Screen)

4) Give it a name of your liking (iKavalawx for example) or just leave it iWDL

When done, there is an icon on your springboard. Tapping it makes it feel like a native iPhone app!

To view a demo on your computer just click here!

http://www.meteokav.gr/images/iwdlmenu.PNG http://www.meteokav.gr/images/iwdl1.PNG http://www.meteokav.gr/images/iwdl4.PNG http://www.meteokav.gr/images/iwdl2.PNG

About This Application!

Special Thanks goes to Sietse Visser for creating this useful application!

http://www.meteokav.gr/weather/images/no6600.gif General WAP Page http://www.meteokav.gr/weather/images/no6600.gif

Check Kavala's Weather Station Data on your mobile phone browser via WAP service by putting the following url:

www.meteokav.gr/weather/wap/index.wml (Updates every 15 minutes)