About Weather Station

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro2 6153 with 24-hour fan aspirated radiation shield. The data is collected every ~3 seconds and the site is updated every 5 minutes. This site and its data is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible.


My old La Crosse WS2315 Station



About Online Webcam


Webcam looks SE. Check the map!


Webcam: Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks Software: Tincam

About Boltek Lightning detector

Meteokav's lightning detection center is powered by a Boltek StormTracker PCI. StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning. These are the same signals you can hear as static on an AM radio during a thunderstorm.

StormTracker's antenna is a small black box (3"x2"x1-1/2") which may be mounted indoors (in a wood framed house for example) or outdoors. It consists of a crossed loop magnetic field sensor and electric field sensor. The antenna is typically mounted ten to twenty feet above the ground, away from large metal objects and sources of electrical noise such as televisions and computer monitors.

The antenna is very sensitive to electro-magnetic interference. The key factor in reducing interference is to mount the antenna well away from potential noise sources. Apart from this, the detector will only record a signal when it detects an abrupt change in the electric field. If the antenna is mounted correctly, this will only occur for lightning strikes.

The Boltek Antenna in my house

Position of my antenna in Kavala City. North view is surrounded by hills, so the result from that direction isn't always accurate.


Model: Stormtracker PCI Software: NexStorm

About Kavala City

Kavala city by night

Kavala during a thunderstorm - 25/06/2009

Kavala is a city in northern Greece, the second biggest at north greece, the principal seaport of Eastern Macedonia and the capital of Kavala prefecture. It is situated on the Bay of Kavala, across from the island of Thasos. According to the 2001 census, the municipality of Kavala had a population of 63,293

The city was founded by settlers from Paros in about the 6th century BC, who called it Neapolis ("new city"). Neapolis was a town of Macedonia, and the harbor of Philippi, from which it was distant 10 M. P. It probably was the same place as Datum famous for its gold mines (Herod. ix. 75; comp. Böckh, Pub. Econ. of Athens, pp. 8, 228, trans.), and a seaport, as Strabo (vii. p. 331) intimates: whence the proverb which celebrates Datum for its good things. (Zenob. Prov. Graec. Cent. iii. 71; Harpocrat) Scylax does, indeed, distinguish between Neapolis and Datum; but, as he adds that the latter was an Athenian colony, which could not have been true of his original Datum, his text is, perhaps, corrupt in this place, as in so many others, and his real meaning may have been that Neapolis was a colony which the Athenians had established at Datum. Zenobius (l. c.) and Eustathius (ad Dionys. Perieg. 517) both assert that Datum was a colony of Thasos; which is highly probable, as the Thasians had several colonies on this coast. If Neapolis was a settlement of Athens, its foundation was, it may be inferred, later than that of Amphipolis. Neapolis also minted coins in antiquity.

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